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Good things come to those who go get them and Hannah Dodd is about to grab another career achievement, playing professionally in Europe.

 hannah italy

Image Credit: Hannah Dodd Para-Athlete / PDM Treviso Facebook

Not content with a 14 month stretch that includes a Paralympic Games, a Commonwealth Games, a World Championship berth and another NWBL crown with the Roller Hawks Dodd has relocated to Italy to link up with Serie A club PDM Treviso, her first foray into professional wheelchair basketball.


“I put an ad up on the IWBF Europe page and got a few clubs that were interested but Treviso could offer us the most court time so I got permission from the Gliders program to leave Australia early before Worlds, so we sorted out our visas and flights in the space of about 4 weeks and here we are,” says Dodd.


The “we” she refers to is her partner and fellow wheelchair basketballer Steve Elliott who will also play for Tresviso.


“Yeah we came as a package deal. Two for one, haha!”


“Steve was told by the Rollers program he needed to come to Europe for more international game experience and it had been on my to do list for a few years.” 

The season begins this week and will run through until January with Dodd having only a short time to get used to her new surroundings.


“For me it’s only small changes, mainly my role in defence which is to go out and stop the 3 ball and then try and recover back in. I’m used to working on a side with someone, not being up the top. Offense has just been finding a rhythm with our bigs and finding where they prefer to shoot from. Thankfully a one pointer role doesn’t change too much that way”


“It’s a little different style of play but we’re getting used to it now. Everyone has been really welcoming and helping us set up and settle in.”


Dodd is relishing the chance to challenge herself at an even higher level.


“Definitely a lot higher than WNWBL and probably slightly higher than NWBL in terms of physicality. I think the fact that I’m playing 30-35mins a game changes how I feel about it as well.”


The role adds to an already jam-packed schedule that sees Dodd constantly occupied by national, club and off court commitments.


“I think this year with everything being compressed made for a stupidly busy year and I definitely had to work hard to have some down time and make sure my body and my brain didn’t crash.”


“I was looking forward to next year being a bit lighter but now with Worlds being moved there will potentially be 3 major events next year which will make things pretty busy again. I think after AOZ next year I will look at taking a proper proper break away from basketball”

PDM Treviso finished 5th last year with the side looking to improve on that and aim for top 3. Their first game is in the early hours of Sunday morning Australian time. Stay tuned to the Roller Hawks Facebook page for links to live streams.