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The President of the Sureway Wollongong Roller Hawks says Basketball Australia’s decision to cancel the 2020 NWBL season is disappointing but considers the announcement more of a formality.



Basketball Australia officially announced the cancellation of the 2020 NWBL home and away season on Monday afternoon, after previously only postponing it when Coronavirus first emerged. The league however is working towards a shortened tournament style event at the end of the year.


“I don’t think the cancellation of the season comes as any surprise. To me the announcement was more of a formality,” says Roller Hawks President Geoff Adams.


“When the season was originally put on hold Basketball Australia consulted the clubs about a revised season. One option was a shortened season and the other was a week-long tournament at the end of the year.”

“I know our preference and I think the preference of the majority of clubs was a tournament rather than a shortened season. From a logistical point of view and a cost point of view that option made more sense.”

“And that was before the outbreak in Victoria. Now interstate travel is almost impossible, especially for what is still an amateur league like the NWBL.”


League organisers are working on a stand-alone tournament for both the men's and women's leagues in early December to be run in conjunction with the Frank Ponta Cup should restrictions be sufficiently lifted by then to do so. 


The Frank Ponta Cup is a high level competition that sees wheelchair basketball players from around the country drafted into teams for a tournament under the watchful eye of the national programs’ coaches.


“If we can make that work, I think that would be great. I’ve spoken to some of the players and they’re excited about the prospect of a tournament. 2020 has been a very different year, so a very different looking national competition would be kind of fitting.”


“Obviously player safety is paramount but to be able to get everyone down to Canberra for a week would be a great experience, especially the players that aren’t part of the national program. You have a facility there where everyone can be based with accommodation and meal facilities on site. You don’t have to leave and create any risk to yourself or the community.”

“But you still need to be able to get teams in from interstate so on that front we’re at the mercy of this virus in terms of how and when it can be contained.” 

The Sureway Wollongong Roller Hawks would like to take the opportunity to once again thank the amazing sponsors who have continued to support us through this year.