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The Wollongong Roller Hawks are proud to welcome Just Better Care Illawarra & Southern Highlands as the Naming Rights Sponsor for 2023. Just Better Care provides in-home aged care and disability support services, supporting people to live independently. 


“We are very pleased to have Just Better Care come on board as our Naming Rights Sponsor this year,” says Club President Geoff Adams


The announcement is a substantial boost with the National Wheelchair Cup just 6 weeks away.

JBC Roller Hawks


“Competing at a nation-wide level is challenging for any sports organisation, especially community based ones such as ours so having the support of Just Better Care and all of our sponsors is vital to keeping the Roller Hawks rolling and providing opportunities for people with a disability.”


Led by franchise owner, Jason Ballerini, Just Better Care Illawarra & Southern Highlands came on board as a sponsor in 2021 and have keenly expanded their support each year since. 


“Myself and my family have a history of sport, I love all types of sport and I think it might’ve just been an article in the paper about the guys winning the national champs and thought, that’s a cool thing to support,” says Ballerini.


“All our staff and customers are excited about this opportunity and we will be throwing all our support and best wishes to the Just Better Care Wollongong Roller Hawks for a successful 2023.”


After a diving accident in 1996 left Jason a quadriplegic, Jason eventually bought Just Better Care Illawarra and Southern Highlands in March 2011.


I was struggling to find a care agency that met my needs and came across the brand and the company, and they sat really well with my values , who I am as a person and what I believe in as a person.”


It’s a path, similar to the Roller Hawks’. 


“When you consider the Roller Hawks were born out of players who used to travel to Sydney every week to get a game, deciding to start their own thing down here, it’s similar to Jason’s journey with Just Better Care.” says Adams.


“I wanted to show other people in the community with similar disabilities or have gone through similar things to myself, you can put your mind to something, you can grow and achieve and support others as well.” says Ballerini.


The partnership will include Come & Try Days, billboard advertising, the launch of a Roller Hawks podcast and front of jersey sponsorship starting with the National Wheelchair Cup in Brisbane from July 14-16.


The Cup will take the place of the NWBL this year as teams try to manage the rising costs of travel including flights, accommodation and transport. The Roller Hawks will take on the Perth Wheelcats, the Darwin Salties and Queensland who this year will play under the banner of the Southern District Spartans.


In the women’s league, the Perth Wheelcats will battle against Sydney Uni Flames and Sydney Metro Blues.


“We’d obviously love to play a full season but for some of the teams in the league that just wasn’t going to be viable so the Cup is in place for 2023,” says Adams.


“What this year does highlight is how important having sponsors like ours is. Our sponsors give us the independence to compete where we want, when we want and although the national scene looks a little different, there’s actually going to be more opportunities for our players to compete as we can turn our attention to other tournaments like the Waratah League and the Illawarra Festival which I think is going to be bigger than ever this year.”


“Behind the scenes we’re working hard to evolve what the national wheelchair basketball scene looks like to ensure its future and ours remains viable.”





About Just Better Care

Across Australia Just Better Care provides in-home aged care and disability support services, supporting people to live independently. Since our inception, we’ve been empowering our customers by putting individual preferences and support needs at the centre of our approach. 


Every Just Better Care office is owned and operated locally, providing affordable and accessible services that meet local and individual requirements. We never compromise on quality. We deliver services and support tailored to the unique requirements of the individual. To discover the full range of disability support services available at Just Better Care Illawarra & Southern Highlands get in touch with the friendly local team at


Level 1, 147 Princes Highway

Unanderra NSW 2526

Ph: 02 4298 4666

Web: justbettercare.com/Illawarra

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.