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History in Brief

The  Roller Hawks entered the National Wheelchair Basketball League in 2001, becoming the first regional team to play in the National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL), which made its appearance in 1984.

Although many of the athletes who play in the League are Australian representatives and / or Paralympians, they are not professional athletes as their NBL able-bodied players are.

The Venue

The team plays out of the Shellharbour City Stadium, the No 1 sporting facility for disablity sport in the country. For this reason the small south coast region of Shellharbour has been invited, on several occasions,to host International fixtures and even a Paralympic qualifying tournament.


The Roller Hawks Club is affiliated with the National Wheelchair Basketball League www.nwblaus.com.au and it's state-based Wheelchair Sport Association, www.wsnsw.org.au

A Volunteer Management Committee administers the Club, its committee members a mix of members of the Community with representations from the Team coaching and playing staff.

Team Mix

The nucleas of players is from the local area, and for the first 10 years of their existence with players from New Zealand and usually an Import Player - the NWBL charter allowing teams one import player on a given year's roster. For the past two years, however, the Roller Hawks, and in fact many of the NWBL clubs have no longer relied on high calibre import players. Athlete skill has increased dramatically and with Australia now with a high performance global profile, local and home grown talent is more than meeting supply demand.

Past Imports ...

Of the Roller Hawks have been:

  • Joey Johnston ~ Canada
  • Nick Taylor  ~ South Africa
  • Yvon Rouillard  ~ Canada
  • Jesus Romero Martin ~ Spain (2008)


Income received is in the form of Grants, Commercial Sponsorship and Fund Raising Events.

Team Highlights

  • NWBL Champions 2003 (defeating Brisbane), 2011 (defeating Perth Wheelcats), 2012 (defeating Perth Wheelcats).
  • NWBL Bronze Medallists: 2007