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When the Sureway Wollongong Roller Hawks take to the court this weekend for the NWBL Finals Series, it won’t be without an entourage of support, both in the stands and on the sideline.


For the first time ever the side will take its entire squad to an interstate Finals series and while the extra players may not see much game time, having everyone there was important to the playing group and the club.


NWBL rules stipulate that teams must have 8 players at away games and usually the Roller Hawks take 9 or 10 on finals weekend but this year, all twelve members of the Roller Hawks squad will be suiting up.


“It will be good to have everyone there because everyone trains all season but they don’t necessarily go to our away games, which this season was all but basically three games for the season so it’s definitely a good thing to have the whole crew together.” says club veteran Darren Hayes. 


“These guys put in just as much work as the starters do and they bring the level of the squad up so for them to be there will be great.” says captain Brett Stibners. 


“Last weekend Clay played a crucial part in one of the games because Luke got into foul trouble so their contribution on court can be huge for us.”


Extra players creates greater challenges logistically so it is with great appreciation that the club thanks committee members Brian Gardner and Joe Jankowski for helping the team get to Sydney airport and on the plane to Brisbane.


The opportunity to take the entire squad would also not happen without the support of our tremendous sponsors and volunteers who have helped the club move into a financial position where such a trip can be possible.   


Adding their support from the sideline will be contingent of Roller Hawks fans including Lisa Scott who has travelled to the Finals for the last three years, including the team’s last two championship wins.


“What I like about going to finals weekend most is how much I enjoy watching and cheering, and the suspense of the games during the finals.” says Lisa. “It’s the best feeling being able to be there and watch.”


Lisa will be there to cheer on son Nick Scott who has entrenched himself in the starting 5 this season and will be critical to the team’s chances on the weekend.


“I’ve worked on my picking angles, my screening, getting them spot on, getting my timing right and get the bigs in (under the basket) and it’s working and obviously (coach) Brendan (Dowler) has seen that and put me into the starting five.” says Scott.


Part of Scott’s improvement has been offensively were the diminutive low pointer has developed a  move that sees him come off pick and rolls to find easy points underneath the basket. 


“That’s just proven that I’ve improved my game and I’m always working on it.”


No matter what is required of Scott come this weekend, his focus is on being able to cut down another championship net on Sunday afternoon.


“It would feel really good to chop it down again, it’s a really good feeling inside knowing you’ve earnt that role to cut it down.”


It bodes as a fantastic weekend of wheelchair basketball with the finals of both the men's and women's national leagues playing out at the same venue. If you can't be courtside this weekend be sure to follow the Roller Hawks Facebook page for updates and links to the Live Stream.